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Clare Novice Regatta, Mich Term 2003

3rd women's novice VIII (Plate)

Coxed by: Tom Coker

1st round
Lost to Trinity Hall B (~4 lengths)
A solid start gave us an early advantage of about 10 feet, and despite a few bad strokes things were going pretty well. Unfortunately bowside all got stuck in at the finish somewhere about halfway down the reach, causing us to crash into the towpath. We gained on them considerably up to the railway bridge, but it fell apart slightly towards the finish. Pretty encouraging overall, and we'll undoubtedly beat them in Fairbairns. (TomC)
A good row in very difficult circumstances - thanks must go to Agnes who subbed in despite never having rowed with the crew before, and having done no high rating work in an VIII - a daunting experience no doubt!! The girls coped well with a new boat and I think they all know that they have the potential to whup Tit Hall B's arse in Fairbairns, and will be going out to prove this. This wasn't a defeat, it was unfortunate but doesn't reflect their ability in the slightest. We're still really proud of them and our high hopes and expectations haven't altered - bring on Fairbairns! (Danae)

1. Recovery
2. In the drive
3. Coker's not happy yet

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