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Ross Regatta, Summer 2003

A course of variable length, claimed to be 750m but undoubtedly much shorter, held on the ridiculously shallow and twisty River Wye.
Mon 25th August

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JPD/RTT, Senior2 2-

Beat Ross (scratched)
Seems they were too busy organising the regatta to row in it.....

Still, at least it gave us some more time to rehydrate after our nocturnal activities. (Rose the Twat)
Semi finals
Lost to Huntingdon (3 feet)
A bit annoying this one. The rowing was slightly lack lustre, and some hard avoidance steering meant we were significantly below our best and to lose by such a small margin was a bit gutting. Especially as winning would have given us another chance to race Southampton! (Rose the Twat)
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JPD/RTT, Senior1 2-

Beat Worcester by 2 1/2l
They were given a warning on the start for wearing RGS Worcester kit instead of Worcester RC. They were also wearing some GB junior kit (subsequent investigation reveals they won Championship Pairs at Nat. Schools and one of them was in a Junior Worlds crew). They were also quizzing us about Cambridge rowing whilst marshalling - hopefully we persuaded them to apply here! Anyway, we set off fairly cleanly and had only given away a few feet after 15 strokes. At that point the corner began to work in our favour (they'd got a 1/3l headstart and were due to get another 1/3l in the staggered finish) and we moved back level. At halfway I think they may have tangled with the weed on the outside of the bend, because they seemed to lose rhythm and dropped back to maybe two lengths. JPD steered excellently and combined with their slightly erratic attempt to push back (which worked a bit but was clearly too agricultural to last more than ten strokes), we gained another half length over the rest of the course.

I don't think they were too pleased to have been beaten by a mismatched pair who'd been formed "because everyone else has gone home". (Rose the Twat)
Semi finals
Lost to Hereford by 3l
These were an experienced crew of big guys. We had some fantastic rowing in what was to be our last race of the day. Definitely the best start we've done, and a push for the line that almost rivalled our move on Bewdley on Saturday. In the middle we tangled slightly with the weed on the outside of the corner which was a shame as it cost maybe a length and a half. However, the opposition clearly outclassed us and deserved the win. In an admirable attempt to minimise the margin of loss, JPD steered very close to the bank as we crossed the line (it's staggered so the closer you are the better), which meant we had to dig in pretty hard to avoid crashing into a protruding tree! (Rose the Twat)
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