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St Neots Sprint, Summer 2003

Eton Boy in his single scull (Senior4 1x)

Single sculls
Alex Summers
1st round
Beat Boston (2l)
I hadn't had any breakfast apart from some Maxim, and was almost embarrassed by a young (guess J16)sculler from Boston. It was all a bit nerve-wracking till he hit a buoy just as I was starting to move through him, at which point he gave up. (Alex)
Quarter finals
Beat Bedford (1/2l)
Still suffering from not having had my Weetabix, I was lucky to sneak through when the Bedford sculler hit a buoy in the closing stages. (Alex)
Semi finals
Beat Yare (1 1/2l)
This was a repeat of the previous day's S4 semi-final. The Yare sculler had done almost as many races as me, and was quite tired. With his technique favouring a longer course, this was a much easier race than I'd expected. (Alex)
Beat Furnivall (1l)
In keeping with my attempts throughout the day to provide an exciting spectacle for the crowds, I pushed off, as usual, without doing my gate up. This time, though, I had to stop suddenly, and the blade popped out. The RTT regatta was yet again to prove its worth as I managed to stay dry despite a fairly hefty crosswind.

The Furnivall sculler wasn't very talkative. He'd sneaked off to the start without telling anyone; when I finally caught up with him, he admitted to being somewhat hungover, and perhaps it showed in his steering as he clobbered several buoys in succession. This boy, however, escaped to another fairly routine win to round off a successful day's racing. My next side by side race in this country (with opposition not from CULRC: sorry Tom) will be against Oxford... (Alex)
Thanks Eton Boy! If you keep bigging up the RTT regatta like this it will gain Henley Qualifier status in no time.

On a different note, are you not intending to participate in trial VIIIs or any seat racing before next March? (Rose the Twat)

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