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St Neots Regatta, Summer 2003

Eton Boy in his single scull (Senior4 1x)

Single sculls
Alex Summers
Quarter finals
Beat York City
This was quite a good race; both of us hit a few buoys. I can't remember what the verdict was. (Alex)
Semi finals
This was a tight race. I went up slightly in the first couple of strokes, but soon my lead from the stagger was gone. We went round the corner pretty much level; right on the ragged edge, I was slightly on the wrong side of the buoys the whole way round. A good push saw me move half a length up. By this time the umpire on the bank had started to shout at me, and just as I'd managed to start correcting my course, the other sculler crashed. At no point did I or my puddles come anywhere near the Yare sculler, but in the opinion of the umpire, I impeded him.

My standard practice, when I see my opposition out of their water, for what it's worth, is to err on the side of steering for the bump (obviously exercising discretion as to whether it's worth being washed down), to put them and the umpire under pressure, not to steer for the bank instead. (Alex)

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