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Lent Term 2003

Mixed VIIIs

Cardinal's Regatta, Trinity I

1st round
Beat Queens'
Despite previous false allegations, we won our first race in spite of our valiant efforts to lose.

And I've just been informed by a porter that we made the local news in the process. Cringe. (Vicki)
2nd round
Lost to Pembroke
It wasn't our fault, we were rescuing the beer. (Vicki)
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Cardinal's Regatta, Trinity II

1st round
Got a bye straight into the second round. (Katherine)
2nd round
We were supposed to be racing Emma/Newnham but they scratched. So we had a fun race against a crew from the Cavendish instead (Katherine)
Quarter finals
Lost by a bottle of whiskey
Them crafty lot at Clare bribed the marshal with a bottle of whiskey - and possible a bottle of wine as well. The rucksack of donuts and chocolate looked pretty lame in comparison. They got a head start of ~1 length, then got off to a quicker start than us. But we pulled back on them, nearly catching them at the finish. If we'd started level then we would have beaten them. Still, it was nice to get back to dry off, warm up and eat the bribes which we didn't give away. There were lots of angels, devils and brides rowing on the Cam today ! (Katherine)
Andy did offer our 3 man to one of the female marshals... unfortunate in many ways that they preferred the alcohol.
It was a much better race though, we spacked to the halfway point, but then finally managed to get the rate below 40. (TomC)
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