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Lent Term 2003

2nd women's VIII

Robinson Head (2nd division)

22nd of 23 Crews
Time: 12:59
This race was the first time in this configuration and was viewed as practice for the Lents getting-on race in two weeks time. We started off well, and thanks to 110% effort and support from the bank, we retained a steady gap between us and the crew behind. Towards the end, the crew behind put in some effort and gained some ground but we held out until the finish.
Comedy value was provided at the P&E by the Downing crews congregating at the finish. Jenny lost the orange that she had found earlier, but sustinance was provided in the form of Andy's Skittles and Buttons
Big thanks to Vicki, Helen and Mike for support from the bank. A gutsy row all round ! (Katherine)
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Pembroke Regatta (2nd division)

1st round
Lost to Cantabs
While marshalling at Chesterton, what at first appeared to be a mixed crew passed by. I didn't know that mixed crews weere in this event said Katherine (as quick
as ever). As fate would have it, this turned out to be the "womens" crew who we were drawn against in the first round. Despite our best efforts, Cantabs drew
slowly away from us. We settled into a strong rhythm, thanks to encouragement from the bank party (thanks Vicki !). Commiserations to Celia (at stroke) who
injured her shoulder after 20 strokes, but still continued rowing. We pushed hard, we were gutsy, but we lost. Cantabs scratched at the second round ( Grrrrr !!!
evidently we pushed them to their limits) but we're still looking for that orange. Next stop - the Getting-On race. (Katherine)
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Lent Bumps Getting-on Race

3rd fastest crew not to get on
Time: 9:41
Assuming the reports are right on CUCBC message boards, the 2nds superb row only just missed out on a place. An excellent row, with massive responses to lifts and minutes faster than their last head piece length course.

An excellent row... bring on the Mays!

Beat Fitz II, Homerton II and Magdalene II along with several third boats. (Michael)
Mike's beaten me to it - there's nothing else to say except congratulations on a fantastic row and better luck next term! (Vicki)
This was the best race we've ever done. We all rowed well and pushed as hard as we could, but unfortunately it just wasn't good enough on the day.
Thanks should go to all the people who have coached us this term and to the many coxes we've had. Also thanks to the great bank party we had today, and the extra supporters going down the reach. We couldn't have done it without you all!
Now we concentrate on getting even better by the Mays. (Jenny)
Today really was the day that the crew came together. This felt so much better than the Robinson Head and the Pembroke Regatta. Personally I'm gutted, but, to quote Sarah Maidment, "the blue sky, the gorgeous sunshine, and the fantastic team spirit will certainly stick with me". I can't think of a better way of putting it. (Katherine)

1. Rowing round Grassy
2. 2nd Women in the GOR

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