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Cycling Cuppers, Lent Term 2003

Talbott/Earl, Trinity 1 (Road Bike)

Coxless pairs
bow Neil Talbott str John Earl
3rd of 13 teams
Time: 54:22
After much difficulty attempting to find Neil a suitable ride (thanks to Martin for helping out in the end!), we eventually made our way to the race start, out on Newmarket Road a mile or so beyond the Quy roundabout. Happily, despite being half an hour late leaving Cambridge, we arrived only just after the main group.

Neil had never been on a racing bike before, but quick lessons in changing gear, utilizing the cycle computer, and playing with fancy pedals made him suitably (in?)competent in no time. He signed up to start 7th and I to start 12th.

Conditions were blustery, cross-tail for the first half of the course and cross-head for the latter half. Both of us had rather unstable starts but soon got going, apparently to do quite well against the rest of the field --- I finished 3rd (only 2 seconds from 2nd!) and Neil 11th. Trinity in fact had two teams; the second team featured Ash (sporting a gorilla suit) and Christina Hood. (Dubya)

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