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2nd Trinity Challenge Sculls, Lent Term 2003

JPD in his single scull (Shell)

Single sculls
in Magpie
Jon Davies
5th of 22 men's shells
Time: 12:39
Not a bad scull considering how little I've been doing recently. First Post was taken a bit wide, but managed to keep in the nice rhythm I'd found from about head station. The first 3/4 of Grassy was brilliant, however I decided that I had completed the corner too early (I had noted on the way down to the start that I would be straight when parallel to the green barge, but forgot the colour and went straight on the red one), which then caused a very sharp bowside corner to avoid the bank on the outside. I think the wind was better on that side of Plough Reach, so probably not too bad. It did mean that I had a very tight line into Ditton, and with the shallows on the inside and my digging problem I hit the bottom on three consecutive strokes. When I hit the wind a few strokes later my rhythm was all but destroyed. Fore-arms burning (oops) I made my way up the reach, crossing early to the meadow side for the wind shadow (which wasn't in it's normal position). I crossed too early at Morley's Holt and clipped the bank, but picked up for a Henry-style high-rate-no-length finish. (JPD)

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