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University IVs 2002

A knockout competition for Cambridge College IVs over 2800m (light IVs), 2000m (men's coxed IVs) or 1300m (women's coxed IVs)
Mon 4th - Thu 7th November

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Light IV, Light IVs

Semi finals
Lost to LMBC (8 seconds)
Time: 10:40
A smooth but hard row saw us pull away from Maggie, despite our close encounter with a barge and the bank on Grassy. Devastatingly, there was no finish marshal for LMBC, and so the race had to be rerun. We lost the rerow by 8 seconds, having struggled to turn strokeside corners. I know I'm not the only member of the crew who is completely gutted by this result. LMBC went on to win the final (quite easily, I believe). (JPD)
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2nd men's IV, Lower IVs

1st round
Dead Heat with Fitz II
Time: 8:09
Our second outing in a crew; we started well, and settled into a rather spacky slow pace for the corners, not helped by a couple of air-shots from the 2-man. Coming round Ditton, we were trailing massively, but realised this in time and powered up the reach to claw our way back into contention for a quarter-final berth. Official result was a dead heat. (Matthew)
2nd round
Beat Fitz II (10 s)
Time: 4:49
After much deliberation, a decision was made to re-row the race from Ditton to Top Finish, in the chasing format. Fitz probably thought they had the edge, as they had stormed away off the start in the first race, but since we'd been quiching horribly for that bit, we knew that we were easily the stronger crew in a sprint. And so it proved; the First And Third crew, by now gelled together into a lean, mean, racing machine just flew up the reach rating about 40 (or so it seemed). We won comfortably by 10s, despite the best efforts of the 2-man to do all his work just above the water's surface. (Matthew)
Quarter finals
Beat Tit Hall II (easily)
I wasn't here for this one, but by all accounts it was a comfortable win from the head station with Hugh subbing in at 2. (Matthew)
Semi finals
Beat Clare II (13 s)
Time: 7:58
This one was just like Monday's race: spacky off the start, but we weren't as far behind coming around Ditton. Once again, our straight line speed proved superior to the opposition, and we won by 13s. The 2-man dutifully pulled another couple of air-strokes out of his bag of tricks so as not to break with the (by now) long-established tradition. (Matthew)
Beat Emma II (5 s)
Technically the worst race of the week. No rhythm in the boat, rating really high with absolutely no length in the water at all. Having said that, at least we were putting the power down this time (although the 2-man wasn't always catching the water ... and the 3-man caught it rather too well on one occasion). Despite the quasi-crabbing and the occasional air-stroke (only as many as the previous 3 races combined !), we managed to stay roughly on station with Emmanuel around the corners. Our blast up the reach didn't really work as well as earlier in the week, with Dan only able to row half-slide, but we held on to win the event by a whopping 5 seconds. (Matthew)
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