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St Neots Sprint, Summer 2002

JPD in his single scull (Novice 1x)

Single sculls
in Magpie
Jon Davies
Quarter finals
Beat ? (2 lengths)
Hit a buoy on the outside of the course on the 9th stroke, and then went completely outside the course boundary, neccessitating a sharp strokeside and then bowside corner to avoid a launch and get back on course. Fortunately, I was still level with my oppo, and was able to move away in what was probably my best scull of the day. (JPD)
Semi finals
Beat ? (2 lengths)
Much better steering, but the sculling left a lot to be desired. My start, which I have been working on quite a bit recently, allowed me to gain an advantage of maybe 1/2 length, but my oppo only dropped back further after about 300m. (JPD)
Beat ? (3 lengths)
My oppo looked to be about 16 years old, but quite technical. He gained a few feet on the start, after which I steadily sculled through and pulled away to obtain senior sculling status. (JPD)

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