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Cambridge 99's Regatta, May Term 2002

A side by side knock out regatta along the reach over 1000m
Sun 26th May

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1st women's VIII, 2nd division

2nd round
Beat Darwin (1 1/4 lengths)
The Darwin crew had enough subs in university kit to look like a top college, but the rowing didn't match the insignia (or maybe it did!?). 1st & 3rd lost about 1/4 length off the start but by the railway bridge had moved 3/4 length in front and held this round the outside of the railway bridge corner to finish with clear water. Rowing looked together if perhaps a little lacking in sharpness. [by the webmaster]
Semi finals
Lost to Peterhouse (1/2 length)
Peterhouse looked quite big, and took our girls for 3/4 length off the start, but we pushed back and coming up to the railway bridge we were still in touch - looked considerably sharper to me than in the first race. Mr Lee timed a good push coming under the bridge and moved back up to half a length on Peterhouse, but Alex Taylor of Downing, steering the Peterhouse boat, deliberately impeeded Mr Lee's course by cutting the Railway bridge corner sharply. In any other regatta this would result in a DQ (eg Neil steering the 3rd novices in the Clare Novice Regatta 2 years ago) but Nines' let it through, saying it would not have changed the result of the race, which is probably true (though it would certainly have been a lot closer). (Dubya)
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2nd men's VIII, Tom for JPD, 2nd division

1st round
Beat Trinity Hall II (2 1/2 lengths)
A somewhat tense start led to a slightly rocky but comfortable row. The margin was 2 1/2 lengths (approximately), although we had taken the pressure down a bit before the finish. [by the webmaster]
Semi finals
Beat Emmanuel II (1 1/2 lengths)
Somewhat better row than vs Tit Hall, with a slightly stronger headwind. Took till after the surge to move out in front, but still comfortably ahead before the railway bridge. [by the webmaster]
Beat Wolfson I (1 1/2 lengths)
Wolfson had already beaten Peterhouse 1, and they seemed to have put in a respectable Head of the Cam result (only 5 or 6 secs behind Sidney over a head course, and Sidney had been a bit quicker than us at Bedford), so we were prepared for a hard race. Again the start was not as loose as we would have liked and they moved up a bit over the first 5 or 6 strokes, though we had surged back down to 36ish before they finished winding and at that point started to move back. Our pace was considerably quicker than against Emmanuel (a comfortable rating of 36 instead of 34) because we were pressed a bit harder, but nonetheless we had clear water by the railway bridge and were not under pressure at the finish. A satisfying day out, and Mr Walker's first pot! (Dubya)
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'Seconds', 3rd division

Lost to Jesus
The opposition were supposed to be Jesus III, but given the absence of Jesus II in the W2 division, it is not entirely clear which crew it was. In any case, though, they won comfortably, which was disappointing after our pleasing win against Darwin in the 1st round. [by the webmaster]
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3rd men's VIII, guy subbing for holland, 3rd division

Semi finals
Beat Downing III (2 lengths)
A good row to the railway bridge where they were a length up, but the pace seemed to sag a bit after that (though they continued to extend their lead). [by the webmaster]
Lost to Darwin I (1/2 length)
Again a good row to the railway bridge, looking reasonably neat, about a half length down coming into the railway bridge so should have been in with a chance of winning (they had the inside station) but somehow failed to get on top of the situation. (Dubya)
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4th men's VIII, 3rd division

Semi finals
Beat Jesus III (scratched)
Got a bye through Round 1 due to Jesus III scratching, therefore couldn't get into the Plate competition. [by the webmaster]
Lost to Darwin I (2 lengths)
Lost to Darwin 1 by about 2 lengths. Looked a fairly technical row particularly in the 2nd half of the course, but just not quite enough power to hold on to Darwin. (Dubya)
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