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Lent Bumps Getting-on Race 2002

The 2000m qualifying race for the Lent Bumps
Fri 22nd February

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2nd women's VIII

The 2nd VIII, who have been performing to a high level recently, had a very controlled row, despite a slight incident approximately 15 strokes from the end. The race was well together and powerful, and showed good potential for the remainder of this term, and next. (Amelia)
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5th men's VIII

1. Rounding Grassy, wit...

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3rd women's VIII

7th of 9 non-qualifiers
Time: 11:22
The 3rd VIII, who until last night didn't exist, and only today had their first outing (the race), had a brilliant row, including a nice little scrap with a Christs men's VIII about 100m from the finish line. RTT, complete with CULRC lycra, showed surprising competency in his coxing, and steered a good line around the corners, helping his crew to register a very respectable time. (Amelia)

1. Rounding Grassy

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<h3><a name="selectedresults">Selected Results</a></h3><h4>Successful men's VIIIs</h4><p>Christ's IV<br /> Churchill III<br /> Emmanuel III<br /> LMBC IV<br /> LMBC V<br /> Magdalene II<br /> Robinson III<br /> Sidney Sussex III<br /> Trinity Hall II<br /> Wolfson II</p><h4>Successful women's VIIIs</h4><p>1st &amp; 3rd II<br /> Caius II<br /> Caius III<br /> CCAT II<br /> Christ's II<br /> Downing II<br /> Girton II<br /> LMBC III<br /> Sidney Sussex II</p><h4>Men's non-qualifiers</h4><p><pre>Downing IV 8:42 Selwyn IV 8:42 Sidney Sussex IV 8:46 Sidney Sussex V 8:49 Robinson IV 8:49 Caius IV 8:56 Churchill IV 8:57 CCAT II 9:03 Clare III 9:04 Pembroke III 9:04 Selwyn III 9:12 Jesus V 9:25 Jesus IV 9:26 Christ's V 9:33 1st &amp; 3rd V 9:37 LMBC VI 10:14 CCAT III DNS CCAT IV DNS St. Catharine's IV DNS Selwyn V DNS</pre></p><h4>Women's non-qualifiers</h4><p><pre>Selwyn II 9:48 St. Catharine's III 10:19 Kings II 10:22 Magdalene II 10:25 Clare III 10:36 Sidney Sussex III 10:49 New Hall III 11:13 1st &amp; 3rd III 11:22 CCAT III 11:22 Newnham III 11:39 Fitzwilliam II DNS Homerton II DNS Jesus III DNS</pre></p><div align="right"><font size="-1"><a href="#top">^ top</a></font></div><hr>
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