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Cam Sprints, May Term 2001

A fun 400m sprint regatta held by the boathouses
Sun 13th May

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1st women's VIII, 1st division

1st round
Beat Selwyn
Things were looking promising even before Selwyn suffered a boat-stopping shipwreck and we won comfortably. [by the webmaster]
Lost to Peterhouse (1/2 length)
Peterhouse looked a large crew and whilst it was disappointing to loose, it was a good row and the small margin was good, considering. [by the webmaster]
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2nd women's VIII, Lower division

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4th men's VIII, 3rd division

Semi finals
Won against CCAT III (1 length)
The start was scrappy but they made up the stagger after about 100m. The risky line down the middle of the river meant they were a shade fortunate not to be disqualified (writes Neil Talbott), but their rowing became more settled towards the finish and they won by a length. [by the webmaster]
Lost to CCAT II (1/2 length)
This time we had a pretty good start and after 200m, CCAT had not gained back any of the stagger. Again Henry was taking a risky line down the centre of the river, and on the apex of the bend was forced to yank his boat to the left, taking some run off the eight. CCAT, who were actually huge, simultaneously pushed and in the course of about 10 strokes went from half a length down to half a length up. Despite our best efforts over the final 100m, we couldn't regain this deficit and lost by half a length. Nevertheless, this was a very good row of which the boat can be extremely proud. (Flying)
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Men's VIII A, 3rd division

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5th men's VIII, 3rd division

Quarter finals
Lost to CCAT III (1 1/2 lengths)
The crew started well and retained the advantage of the staggered start for the 1st 150m, then gradually lost ground before clipping the bank with 100m to go. [by the webmaster]
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1st women's IV, Novice IV+

Won the event comfortably
Despite one fifth of the crew being appropriate to the general standard of the novice category (and certainly the heaviest within it), the four actually doing the useful bit were somewhat better than their opposition. I think we were taken to a margin of only 4 lengths in one of the rounds. (Ingram)
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JWE in his single scull, Novice 1x

2nd round
Lost to eventual winner, Lewsey (CCRC) (2 lengths)
Most unfortunately Mr Earl suffered a multiple crab shocker at the start - particularly disappointing since it remained Lewsey's closest race of the day. [by the webmaster]
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