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May Bumps 2001

6th men's VIII

Coxed by: A. Amouyel

Rowed over
We remained at 1 & 1/2 boat lengths behind Caius until "Grassy" were our lack of fitness began to show. They finally finished 3 or 4 lengths up. Behind us Catz IV crashed out so we had no competition. (D. J. Gammon)
Rowed over
Damn, that was so unlucky!
We got within half a length to Addenbrookes when suddenly bow's seat went off - consequently forcing bow pair to drop out for about thirty seconds.
We surely didn't recover from that with respect to our bump but the boat behind us couldn't profit from that either - whoever they were... (Pete W.)
Bumped by Jesus VI
Of course, bow's seat had to go off again which obviously slowed us down for a while. Addenbrookes bumped out quickly only leaving us the terribly great option of an overbump (or even worse). But Sidney was just very much faster than us today and, admittedly, they probably would have got us even without our "usual" technical difficulty.
At least we didn't get bumped before the motorway bridge.
As an overall summary, thanks to a double bump on Thursday we've produced a net bump for 1st&3rd gaining headship of the sixth division.
I've really enjoyed it a lot and, after all, it's been a good result given that these were this crew's first four outings ever. (Pete W.)

1. Pounding up First Post
2. With Greenery - Firs...
3. Hounding Addenbrookes

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