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May Term 2001

7th men's VIII

May Bumps

Bumped by Emmanuel V
We had a good start and wound the rating up well, closing to within half a length of Girton IV, but were bumped by Emma before we could finish the job. (James)
Double overbumped by Wolfson III
We started off very confidently. Bumps occurred quickly both behind and in front, leaving a slog for an overbump in front and the danger of being overbumped from behind. Although we made gains towards the former, it quickly became apparent that our fitness was not up to it.
In the end, past the railway bridge and just a few strokes from a row-over, we were double-overbumped by Wolfson III. It need not have happened, but we panicked when we saw them gaining and it all fell apart just before the finish line. Tragedy. (James)
Rowed over
After closing St Catherine's down somewhat, they ploughed into the bank and we rowed past for the bump. Although our cox wouldn't let us adorn ourselves with leaves, it was a triumphant row back anyhow. (James)

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