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Mich Term 2000

1st women's novice VIII

Cambridge Winter Head, Women's novice VIII A

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Clare Novice Regatta (1st division), Women's novice VIII A

1st round
Won (2 1/4 lengths) against Downing
Downing started powerfully and took a lead of about 1/4 of a length. The whole reach was an exciting side-by-side show down, in which First and Third, inch by inch, nosed in to the lead. Downing had clearly started hard, but flagged, and as the river turned to our advantage our ladies surged ahead to win convincingly. [by the webmaster]
2nd round
Won against Caius
A lengthy crab 'situation' shortly after the start looked very ominous, but good work by the remaining six operational oarsmen left us only about a length down by the time it was eventually recovered half a minute later! With all 8 back in action, the crew started to erode Caius' lead. By the railway bridge things were going very well and Caius fell apart utterly to give us a convincing win. [by the webmaster]
Semi finals
Won against Jesus
A good start came to nothing after a boat stopping incident, and yet again our ladies had ground to make up - this time about two lengths as they passed the railings. We were in familiar territory, and for every seat gained over Jesus, the opposition's coordination deteriorated. Even their cox began to feel the heat as we moved through to a third of a length down under the railway bridge and, steering tight round the bend to maintain the advantage, was warned back onto station by the marshal - only to steer away hard... into the bank. Another win! [by the webmaster]
Lost (4 lengths) to LMBC
About a length was conceded at the start with one or two small incidents, but thereafter, despite some determined gutsy rowing, it becamse clear the Maggie were a faster crew. It was disappointing not to win, but a good performance to have reached the final. [by the webmaster]

1. Approaching the Rail...
2. Near the Start
3. Leading Caius toward...

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Novice Fairbairn Cup, Women's novice VIII A

2nd place to LMBC
Time: 11:27
Best ever result by 1st and 3rd ladies in Novice Fairbairns, and beating the men's 4th and 5th VIIIs too! [by the webmaster]

1. By Chesterton (B&W)
2. By Emma
3. By Emma

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Fairbairn Cup (Lower VIIIs), Women's novice VIII A

1. ... in a little more...
2. An Example of Inappr...

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