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May Bumps 2000

4th men's VIII

Coxed by: Kate MacGregor

Bumped by Pembroke III
A very scratchy (only a few outings in the 4) crew of gents and grads got hit in the corners by Pembroke, who were a lot faster than we had assumed. (Simon)
Bumped by Homerton
Over very quickly. Homerton, who would easily be competitive about two divisions above us, spacked on the start for a few strokes, then got into gear and bumped us going into 1st Post. (Simon)
Overbumped Clare III
We knew we had no chance of getting Homerton back, and expected them to gobble up Pembroke - which they did. Except our plan to go all out for the overbump was failing as we hadn't really made much impact on Clare. Although they then did us the favour of mucking up Grassy (and I think damaging their boat), suddenly putting us back in the game and giving us a target to aim for. We got them coming out of Ditton - and just in time, as a fast Emma boat had just appeared behind us, looking for the overbump.
So suddenly up one for the week - but with Homerton behind us again. Hmmm - wonder what will happen there... (Simon)
Bumped by Homerton
The result was inevitable, unless Homerton could manage to wrap their boat around the bank on the way to the start, or (more likely) their boat fell apart. It did neither. They got us in about the same time as on Thursday, just going into the gut. We shared their champagne, and a good time was had by all.
And we made their blades look very silly... (Simon)

1. Gents and Grads befo...
2. 1st post reach
3. 1st post reach - racing

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