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Head of the Nene, Lent Term 2000

A 5000m timed head race of Regional Importance
Sat 5th February

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1st men's VIII, Senior2 VIIIs

6th overall, 3rd College VIII
Time: 15:26
The target rate was 32 and we started well - the rhythm for the first two minutes was very good. Up to about half-way we gained significantly on Emma and had to contend with their wash as we failed to carry on past them. Things then started going wrong as we had no definite idea of how long we had been rowing. Somehow, the situation got completely out of hand and when we were all expecting about 6 mins more racing we found we had just 10 strokes to go. The effect on our time was significant. (Martin)
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2nd men's VIII, Novice VIIIs

57th overall
Time: 18:48
The 2nd VIII thoroughly enjoyed themselves!! They unfortunately crashed into a crew which had hit the bank. Once they disengaged and continued they found themselves alongside Churchill II - and as luck would have it had an epic side by side tussle for the remaining half of the course which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. And the poor result was of course no reflection on their race. (Martin)
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