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Novice Fairbairn Cup 1999

2nd men's novice VIII

Coxed by: Mark Green

48th of 67 men's VIIIs
Time: 12:19
The Tuesday of Fairbairns week saw us entertain the Homerton women's novices. Things were going very well and I was clearly going to pull their extremely lush ejector girl when Andy Baldwin decided it would be a good plan to climb out of one window of Jonny Constable's room (C4 Angel Court) and back in the other. Unfortunately the shop sign wouldn't take his weight and the pavement didn't take kindly to being landed upon from a great height. Cue one badly broken wrist, one ambulance, multiple porters and two taxis for the wimmin. Mike Turner, who hadn't been in a boat for about four weeks, subbed for Fairbairns... on the wrong side. He caught a crab shortly after the Elizabeth Way Road Bridge and took as long as possible to recover, eventually rejoining us by about the Pike and Eel. Of course, Mike's incident should take nothing away from the ineptitude of the rest of the boat. We spacked down the remainder of the course to finish spectacularly low. (Flying)

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