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Lent Bumps 1999

3rd men's VIII

3rd men's VIII
in Black Prince
bow Unknown 2 Unknown
3 Unknown 4 Unknown
5 Unknown 6 Unknown
7 Chris Harding str Simon Blackburn

Coxed by: Sophie Rickards

Bumped Girton II
A really awful day. Girton crash into the far bank off the start, we overtake but do not realise straight away what has happened. When we do, we head in to park, still going at some speed. The crew behind us don't realise that they should be trying to go round us and plough into our stern, swinging our bows around and making our parking angle far sharper than it should be. In most places on the river this would not be a major problem - unfortunately we hit the outfall with a sickening crunch. The crew behind park on top of us, but luckily our injuries are not too severe... however, the boat is badly damaged with a huge hole extending back from where the bow should be to where the lion is painted by the name Black Prince. (Simon)

1. The Black Prince bow...
2. Sophie
3. From the motorway br...

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