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Lent Term 1997

3rd men's VIII

Lent Bumps

Bumped LMBC IV
This was Maggie's fellows VIII. We quickly got them to a canvas before Fisher in the 3 seat caught an overhead. I shall never forget the panicked expression on his face as he turned round and screamed at me "Help!". Luckily, we knew what to do [his only previous crab having come in the practise start we had done in our final outing!] and so I was able to recover it after just 3 or 4 strokes.

We then got Maggie nice and easily. AS we were rowing home past them, we showed off our square blades paddling which prompted one of the fellow to tell us to "F*** off". (Ingers)
I beg to differ Chris - was the altercation with the Maggie Fellows' VIII not with the 4th VIII in the May Term of 1997? We hadn't actually raced them, but overtook them on the way home and one of them (one of the seven doctors, the professor or the reverend) used language that would have got John Lydon into trouble. Or maybe they do it every time they race? (Mike)
Bumped Corpus Christi II
Corpus II were shit and revenge for thier flukey bump the year before was swift and sweet. (Ingers)
Rowed over
We made the regular bumps mistake of knowing that we were faster than Robinson and so setting out to "row them down over the course". As is always the case, this tactic failed and we only put them under pressure late in the race. Despite getting to zero distance, they had enough fight to make it over the line. We were gutted. Blades should have been there for the taking. (Ingers)
Bumped Robinson II
Our failure the previous day was now magnified by the fact that a fast(!) Homerton crew were now chasing us for their blades.

There was a fair bit of talk from the Hommers in the boathouse beforehand and it was clear that they expected to hit us.

However, gee'd up by a stirring talk from John Were we came off the gun as hard as we could and had overlap by Ditton. So did Homerton. We cornered increasingly as part of a sandwich but aided by a fine bit of coxing from Melissa (she couldn't steer for the bump or we'd have pushed our stern into the Hommers) we got the bump before a genuinely surprised Homerton. It was very satisfying but we were left thinking about what might have been if we had gone hard from the start on Day 3. (Ingers)
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