The Club's Results

Lent Term 1996

4th men's VIII

Lent Bumps

Rowed over
This was all of the crew's first set of bumps. We spacked away merrily and got to half a length off Churchill before the lack of fitness caught up with us and we rowed over. (Ingers)
Rowed over
Downing IV comically managed to write off their boat on the way down to the start so Churchill had to row just 2.5 lengths to bump. We were no way good enough for any overbumps so another row over occurred. (Ingers)
Bumped Downing IV
Downing IV had still not repaired their boat so we now got the free bump. Oh, how fun it was to row in a division so bad it no longer exists! (Ingers)
Bumped Queens' IV
Queens IV were terrible and had fallen every day. We were faster than them and got them fairly easily. (Ingers)
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