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Members' Log-on Help

Why would I want to log on to the website?

When logged on to the website you can

Who can log on?

The website has a list of people who may 'log on'. This hopefully includes everyone currently rowing and novices, and quite a few others besides. This list is shown at the bottom of the members' directory page.

I'm a past or present member of the club but am not on the list

Please contact the webmaster to ask if you can be added.

Ok, I am on the list. How do I do it?

Logging on should be quite easy. You go to the log on / off page, type your hermes logon id (e.g. mcp21 for me) and click 'Reset' at the bottom of the page. A password will be sent to you via email. You then enter that password in the 'website password' box and click 'Log-in'. On the subsequent page you may change your password by typing a new one in the 'New password' box at the bottom and clicking 'Change'.

My name is on the list, but I can't seem to log-in.

Log in is via hermes email identifier (or full email address if you do not have an email address). If your email address is then your log-in identifier is abc21. If the website isn't recognising it then send an email to and ask the webmaster to check what your login identifier is.

I have never logged in before, what is my password?

To log in for the first time, you have to reset your password - which means a random one will be generated and sent to you using the email we have on record. To do that go to the main log in page, type your log-in identifier (see the last question) and click Reset at the bottom of the page.

Help, I can't remember my password

Simply follow the instructions for logging in for the first time (above) to reset it.

I want to change my password.

To change your password, you have to use the main log-in page and log in using your existing password. At the bottom of the subsequent screen greeting you, there will be an option to choose a new one.

You cannot change your password using the "Quick Logon" feature on the front page, nor if you are already logged in. You have to log out first and use the main log in page as described above.

My email address has changed

If you know your password, login with your old email address and simply head to the member's directory to update your profile with your new one. Your new address immediately becomes your new login identifier. If you can't login because you don't know your password and you think your email address stored in the site is out of date, then contact the webmaster and ask him to change it.

You haven't solved my problem.

If it still isn't working, or you wish to ask anything else, don't hesitate to email me -

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If you have any comments or suggestions please email the webmaster. Click here to switch to the darker, gold on blue, design. If you log in as a First and Third member, you can set a preference for a color scheme on your profile.
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