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Title: Novice Men 2017
Email: novicemen2017 at
No. of members: 34
Owned by: Lower Boats Captains (group)
The group's members are selected by the group's owner
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Current group members

  1. Matias Acosta
  2. Arjun Banwait
  3. Oliver Benson
  4. Beth Clent
  5. David Ehrlich
  6. Antal Gemes
  7. Edward Gillin
  8. Thomas Graff
  9. David Graovac
  10. Jason Han
  11. Alex Horne
  12. Kiran Jolly
  13. Mihkel Kama
  14. Hadi Khan
  15. Luke Kim
  16. Dmitry Krachun
  17. Jade Lam
  18. Dohun Lee
  19. Kevin Lim
  20. Ryan Lin
  21. Roy Navid
  22. Theodoros Ouzounellis-Kavlakonis
  23. Alex Partridge
  24. Thomas Pink
  25. Thomas Pycroft
  26. Saim Saeed
  27. Jamie Siviter
  28. Charlie Solomons-Tuke
  29. Marvin Teichmann
  30. Viktor Toth
  31. David Veres
  32. Matthew Walker
  33. Peter Withers
  34. Jason Yue

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