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Group Attributes

Title: Headway Squad
Email: headway at (for use by members only)
No. of members: 21
Description: For women who are members of the headway squad
Owned by: Headway Squad (group)
Anyone currently in the group may edit the group's members
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Current group members

  1. Juliet Armstrong
  2. Kristina Bifani
  3. Kate Bruce-Lockhart
  4. L-Y. Chao
  5. Talia Da-Silva
  6. Aurelia Dixon
  7. Maria Eduarda Ferreira-Bruco
  8. Amalie Fisher
  9. Emily Gordon
  10. Rachel Grewcock
  11. Tom Herbert
  12. J. Li
  13. Charlotte New
  14. Preeyan Parmar
  15. Amelia Perrin
  16. Lauren Sendles-White
  17. Alex Strange
  18. Hannah Streat
  19. Sayana Turpin-Aviram
  20. Isabel Vallina-Garcia
  21. Zoe Wible

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