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May Bumps Special

This week sees the highlight of the Cambridge College rowing calendar, the May Bumps, in which some 54 people are representing Trinity.

Here on our website we are running our famous bumps results service. Follow the links below for all the details of the fastest rowing results on the internet or even to your phone!

Bumps predictions - 72 entries, 4102 bumps so far
Information Technology for the Bumps!

Latest mobile updates:
Sat 17th Jun, 5:29pm - Women's division 1 results received - Women's division 1: rerow result: Newnham bpd Downing
Sat 17th Jun, 5:01pm - Well done to LMBC men and Jesus women on their respective...
Sat 17th Jun, 5:00pm - Men's division 1 results received

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