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Mich Term 2018

This page shows First & Third's most recent official crews - either those rowing currently or last term's boats if no announcements have been made yet this term. For the higher boats there is usually competition to win the last two or three seats, often requiring a long period of careful crew selection based on fitness and technique.

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1st men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowLars Walter
2Jamie Bell
3W.J. Hardy
4Dohun Lee
5Christopher Elsby
6Dr S. Hoer
7Josh Hampson
strJames Edgeley
coxKerem Ergene
2nd men's VIII
in David Jones
bowJohn Busher
2Jiri Kucera
3Jason Yue
4Rory McLaurin
5Samuel Kittle
6Mihkel Kama
7Petr Dolezal
strAaron Lewis
coxHadi Khan
1st men's novice VIII
in Black Prince
bowRobert Moerman
2Fin Birt
3Luke Barratt
4Harry Whelan
5Josh Payne
6Daniel Fitzpatrick
7Isaac Brown
strAlessandro Angelico
coxEllie Atkinson
1st women's novice VIII
in Denys Lawrence
bowRuth Warner
2N. Yamasaki
3Tatiana Matejovicova
4Tiffany Chow
5Maria Tatulea-Codrean
6Georgie Archer
7Lauren Denny
strAlexandra Badut
coxThomas Pink
2nd men's novice VIII
in Black Prince
bowJakob Bull
2Ahmed Imam
3Shavindra Jayasekera
4Luca Cavalleri Cavalleri
5Misha Schmalian
6Michael Nguyen
7Gabriele Corso
strLeszek Soldan
coxMaelle-Marie Troadec
3rd men's novice VIII
in Richard Church
bowNandor Licker
2Hugo Aaronson
3Oleg Savchenko
4Adam Klukowski
5Juvraj Sawney
6Daniel Simon
7Yann Dubois
strGabriel Osborne
coxChristopher Elsby
1st women's IV
in Sirens
bowBethany Ladd
2Megan Crane
3Bianca Andrei
strSavannah Dixon
coxAnna Laletina

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