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2003-2004 Manifestos

Iain Edwards - Webmaster

The requirements of the website:

There is ONE major requirement that the website has in order to maintain its position as the most up-to-date and informative College boat club website, and that is a dedicated person to gather results and organise the information on the site. The site must serve two main purposes: as a resource, for club members past and present, and as an advertisement for the club. It can only fulfil these roles if the webmaster is able to devote time and energy to gathering and organising information.

My intentions as Webmaster:

The only major change I wish to make is the revival of the photo gallery. Whilst the development of race reporting has progressed dramatically, the photo gallery has been totally neglected. It is a vital part of the website as an addition to the recording of races, and in improving morale through the presentation of social events.

Through my experience as KSS I also hope to revive the online kit order to some extent, should the incoming KSS desire it, to at the very least provide a record of the kit available with photographs to show the items on offer.

About me:

I believe I have the necessary diligence to fulfil this position. Next year I shall be in my third year of a Classics degree, placing only limited and very flexible constraints on my time. Also, I believe my actions this year in working with Becca North as KSS demonstrate that I bring the necessary diligence, dedication and committee experience to this job. My knowledge of the technical side of running the website is limited, but this is only a small part of the task, and I am fully committed to learning the necessary skills under the promised guidance of Martin Peck.

This year I have dedicated myself to serving the club to the best of my abilities, running many successful social events and increasing the range of kit available. I very much hope to bring the same success to the role of Webmaster, and make our website as envied throughout Cambridge as I hope our kit has become.

Proposed by:Martin Peck
Seconded by:Andrew Fisher

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