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Message board > General Discussion > by Emma - Fri 16th Jan 2009, 5:31pm
Details of the University's proposed new sports facilities.
by Simon - Fri 16th Jan 2009, 11:36pm
Emma said: Details of the University's proposed new sports facilities.
If that link doesn't work, try this.

I made a programme for CUR about this facility and West Cambridge in 2001 and there's been absolutely no visible progress towards a sports centre since then. It doesn't, to my memory, include a rowing tank and I'm fairly sure they've ditched the ice rink.

It also says something that there's no significant mention of this on the Sport Syndicate's webpages... you would hope it was a priority for them.
by Charlotte - Sat 17th Jan 2009, 2:08pm
Yer they have ditched the ice rink plan, however I am working with several members of the university and trying to raise awareness about this campaign..and information or support you can offer would be most useful..

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