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May Bumps, May Term 2014
re Julia & Fordy's 50th bumps race montage by Thomas - Mon 16th Jun 2014, 7:48pm
It is with a touch of sadness and many fond memories that this montage shows how many people you have rowed with during your time at First and Third. I am pleased to have been a fellow oarsman and later a friend to you both.
Thank you both for your commitment and dedication to helping the boat club flourish, both during the good times, and the being bumped times. There are just a few people from my time at Cambridge who I would concede love the club more than I do, and I'm pleased that you are two of those people.

May Bumps, May Term 2009
re Overbumping by Mark - Sat 9th Jun 2012, 8:49am
Oh man, I remember this epic. One of the greatest bumps in my time. I think that's me on the very right absolutely loving it!
Lent Bumps, Lent Term 2011
re Pushing Off by Peter - Wed 24th Aug 2011, 2:36am
For a moment I wondered if I really row with my hands this far apart, but then I zoomed in. To reassure RTT and others who've tried to cure my 'innovative' outside hand technique, I don't generally row like this; presumably I was doing something with a water bottle.
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Head of the River Race, May Term 2011
re Coming under Hammersmith by Swords - Tue 5th Apr 2011, 7:50pm
Barrell is comfortably losing the gurn competition in bow IV here. Zoom in for best effect. I think it's between Fordy with the 'protruding chin' and Yimin with the 'battle cry' for the winner though...
Fairbairn Cup, Mich Term 2010
re Aaron by Thomas - Thu 20th Jan 2011, 1:46pm
One of the most quizzical expressions I have seen in a while. What's the confusion about?

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