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27th Apr '04Long links problem fixedby mcp
I have finally worked out a problem with trying to submit long links to the message board. Sorry to everyone who has found this annoying until now.

Better late than never.
by Martin - Sat 1st May 2004, 1:14pm
And on the subject of links, I've just tweaked polls so that links and other formatting can be included. It should work for the title, description and even the options.

If there are any problems please let me know.
by Martin - Wed 5th May 2004, 10:47pm
More fixes... If you're amongst the crowd who enter crew lists onto the website, there's been a small change you may find helpful.

When you are wanting people for the crew list, you can choose a group... Previously the groups available included only those of which you were a member. This seldom included any that would have been of much help. It now lists all the 'crew and squad' type groups, which is a new category on the groups page.

There are also a couple of other minor changes elsewhere -
- when you click 'More...' to find more people for a crew list you are shown a list of the current people alongside the empty text boxes (useful)
- list of categories for a crew entry in an event (e.g. Senior3 VIIIs) is more tightly constrained to only those you will likely want
- links to reports from the 'last fortnight's posts' page go into the results database properly
by Mike - Fri 7th May 2004, 4:28pm
mcp said: I have finally worked out a problem with trying to submit long links to the message board.
Is it really fixed? How come this one works, but if I try to make this one (conveniently sliced in two to make it under 58 characters) a link: the%20sun%20in%20solar%20masses
it doesn't? The first one is way longer. Does it have trouble with % signs or something?
by Martin - Fri 7th May 2004, 4:45pm
Yes, it was never actually to do with their length, but that seemed an apt description since it matched the error message.

It'll be the percentage signs it doesn't like. My mistake. I'll add them in over the weekend.

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