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9th Jun '03WAP results back on lineby boffin
I am planning to repeat the wap results service for the May Bumps - this is just a quick note to announce that the WAP site has been updated and is ready for action!

The address is
On Nokia phones, you go to Services then Go to Address and type it in. Maybe someone could enter some instructions for other makes of phones?
by Mike - Mon 9th Jun 2003, 11:01pm
Don't forget, if you are in need of a little more description than a simple bumps chart can supply, CUR1350 will be running a results service all week. 1pm-4pm Wednesday-Friday will consist of the normal schedule, with reports on each division. 4pm-8pm Wednesday-Friday and 11am-6pm on Saturday will be devoted to results, reactions and reports, and will also feature live commentary on the headship battles in W1 and M1.

Listen on 1350MW, or over the internet at For those of you that are worried that you won't be able to hear the internet broadcast, we now have a new broadcast system alongside RealAudio with unlimited connections. Full details are available here.
by hard at work - Tue 10th Jun 2003, 2:10pm
Rest assured it won't just be a "simple bumps chart" by the time we've finished with it....!
by playing one-upmanship - Tue 10th Jun 2003, 6:40pm
hard at work said: Rest assured it won't just be a "simple bumps chart" by the time we've finished with it....!
I'm intrigued. But can it compete with Graham Fisher hurtling through crowds of people on the towpath on a bike while simultaneously trying to deliver a coherent and unbiased report via mobile phone and hands-free kit on the races at the top of W1 and M1...?

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