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29th May '03Cat and Buns etcby mcp
The origins and significance of the club's two-shield emblem strike me as interesting - particularly since we use that and the Cat and Buns on their own interchangeably.

When I put together the logo for this website I did a little bit of research - and have written it up for a page in the Club section.
by Martin - Thu 29th May 2003, 10:45pm
I have also uploaded the text of a letter from 1882 which describes the formation of Trinity Boat Club - again, to be found in the Club section, or you can just click here.
by Martin - Sun 1st Jun 2003, 3:34pm
Just a few additions and another picture to the page about the club's shields - I think is finished now.

If anyone knows why the Black Prince was called the Black Prince...
by Simon - Mon 2nd Jun 2003, 4:57am
Martin said: If anyone knows why the Black Prince was called the Black Prince...
Because when he was off invading France etc he wore black armour. He married the Fair Maid of Kent...
by Chris - Mon 2nd Jun 2003, 5:38pm
Not that anyone really cares, but the double emblem comes from the merger. It would appear that TBC always used the "cat and buns" though its origins are obsure. I don't actually agree with Rouse Ball about this. Also, though mainly accurate Bayley is a bit wrong when you examine the other bits of histoty about the founding. Martin, I'll write something about the early origins if you want.
by Martin - Mon 2nd Jun 2003, 5:59pm
Yes, please do. Most of what I've pieced together is from Rouse-Ball's book (which I'm intending to add to the website in the near future). His suggestions re: the cat & buns look quite reasonable.

I am hopeful this will all be joined by the full fruits of your labour at some point?
by Martin - Mon 2nd Jun 2003, 10:39pm
As a further addition to the assortment of Historical facts and figures, Mr Byrne has kindly furnished us with a list of the Clubs' historic Henley results.

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