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17th Jan '05Annual Recordby mcp
I have put up Dan's College Annual Record account of last year. This and several from recent years are under Club -> Annual Record.

Unfortunately we're missing Andrew's from the year before - I hope to get hold of it sometime this term.
by ipe - Mon 17th Jan 2005, 6:31pm
The 2003 Annual Record is now also online. It can be found here.
by AHLF - Tue 18th Jan 2005, 4:27pm
Unfortunately my entry has ended up slightly garbled (such as suggesting that the 1st Fairbairn VIII lost to LMBC B). I have a copy of the annual record in case anyone is good with scanners...
by ipe - Tue 18th Jan 2005, 5:21pm
The missing sentence has been inserted. Apologies to the men's First VIII :)
by AHLF - Tue 18th Jan 2005, 7:59pm
Sorry Iain - I've just discovered that there was only one missing line. I didn't mean to imply that the account was error-strewn. Thanks for fixing it.

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