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3rd Feb '02New results and picturesby mcp
Our Newnham Short Course results are here on our website, as well as a link to the official results. To see them go to "Results" on the menu.

Thanks to people lending me their photos, there are some new pictures too - from Saturday's races and formal halls this term (thanks to Catherine and Anna) and three or four from the Fairbairns Dinner experience - which can be found at the bottom of the list of dinner photos here.

If you ever have any pictures that you think others might like to see, simply email me.
20th Jan '02CUBC 2k race planby SMK
CUCBC 2k race plan is now on the website in the members only section - log on and use the link or go to members discussions.
4th Jan '02Mich Term updateby mcp
I have finished doing a big update - amongst the things that have been added are:
Three new race reports from Fairbairns - 2 from BPBC
B.C. Dinner and Formal crew photos. Unfortunately there aren't any from the bop :-(
J.E.T. photos from the Fairbairns and Novice Fairbairns - J.G. will be organising a viewing and club order early this term
J.E.T. photos from the Clare Novices
BPBC's assault on Cambridge Rowing Triathalon
BPBC Fairbairns crews
5th Dec '01Plain view of web siteby mcp
The "top & bottom" menu style has been further simplified and is called the "plain" option.

It now uses your browser's default colours and fonts and displays the bare minimum of graphics and gimmickery. Various people will find this useful, I am told... You know who you are ;-)
1st Dec '01Fairbairns Resultsby mcp
I have added information about most of the crews which raced over the last two days. A big thank you to the lower boats captains for contributing their comments about their crews' performances. The relevant crews and results pages should be up to date - or use these links: Fairbairns, Fairbairns IVs and Novice Fairbairns.

That's about it for official updates for this term. I hope the site's been useful for following what the different parts of the club have been up to and people have enjoyed all the pictures and quotes and stuff... Have a good Xmas!
27th Nov '01Clare Novices picturesby mcp
There are quite a few decent pictures from the Clare Novices on Saturday. They are of the 1st and 2nd women's boats and the men's 2nd boat. Hope you like them.
20th Nov '01Pictures and resultsby mcp
Although slightly later than originally planned, there are now piles of pictures from the weekend's Cambridge Winter Head (including some from Jon of other college's crews) and the results section has been updated with all the information I have about it.
16th Nov '01Crew Lists & Queens Ergsby mcp
This year's novice crew lists have been added to the site, and compliment the details of the great results from the annual Queens Ergo competition which are also on-line.
There are some cool pictures thanks to Dan, Catherine and others - which are linked to from the relevant results page or listed in the Gallery.
14th Nov '01Recommended web sitesby mcp
I've added a page to the message board for members to recommend web links. It works in much the same way as the quotations page with which everyone is now familiar ;-)
Again, not extensively tested yet, so any problems'll be fixed over the next week.
12th Nov '01More Pictures!by mcp
Yet more pictures are here from Saturday - including some of the "Black Prince" old girls crew. All HORR Fours pictures are grouped together here.

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