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25th Oct '11Downtime todayby JSB
An RCD supplying power to the Captain's room tripped earlier today, causing the server to shut down until it could be reset. This took several hours, as the porters did not know the location of the device. Fortunately, Neil Talbott found it, and the server came back online at about 21.30.

Whilst the server was offline, emails sent to mailing lists, including those for individual committee members,may have been lost.
25th Jul '10Downtimeby bjg
The server is begin relocated to the captain's room tomorrow morning, which means it will be switched off at some time for some duration. During this period the website will be down, and emails sent to mailing lists will be delivered once it is turned on again.
7th Jan '09Downtimeby bjg
The electricity people are about to do something - I wasn't clear what - so the server will be down for about half an hour in a very short time.
8th Dec '08Downtimeby bjg
The website and email lists will be down briefly tomorrow (Tuesday) as I move room. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
29th Sep '08Recent changesby bjg
Over the past few months, following the purchase of our new server, the website has been entirely overhauled behind the scenes. In order to make it easier to make large improvements and so that more than one person can make them, the site's architecture has become almost unrecognisable, but our most immediate aim is that it should appear exactly the same as before. This is certain not to be the case, so please let me know about any problems you find even if you've told me before. In fact, if you're keen, please go looking for problems and then tell me.

A huge thank you to Martin Peck for the enormous amount of time and effort he's put into this.
13th Jun '08Potential downtimeby bjg
I forgot to warn the Trinity computing office about bumps, so there's a chance that I'll exceed my daily quota, in which case the website will be down for a few hours. Many apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused.
24th May '08Webserver Upgradeby mcp
Bryn and I are attempting to upgrade the web server later on today.
It would be helpful if people could avoid uploading new photos for the remainder of the day.
There will most likely be a little bit of disruption, hopefully we can keep this to a minimum. Definitely aiming to be fully up and running by Monday. (11 replies...)
7th Apr '08Power cutby bjg
We had a power cut in Portugal Street earlier, hence the downtime.
3rd Mar '08Brief downtimeby bjg
I'm about to turn the server off for a minute so that I can change which socket it's plugged into in my room. Sorry for any inconvenience!
2nd Mar '08Photo size limitby mcp
We've increased the limit in the size of pictures being uploaded to the gallery. It previously didn't allow pictures bigger than 2MB. Should allow up to 16MB now....

Any problems with this, let Bryn and me know.

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