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Who would make the best dominatrix?
Catherine Aiken  38%
Emily Booker  22%
Honey Duan  16%
Anna McCreadie  6%
Rachel Munro  9%
Pia Schaefer  0%
Sarah Taylor  0%
Bron  9%
Total: 32 members' votes   (1 comment...)
Flintoff: Could you? Have you?
I have drunk as much as Flintoff is reported to have done in one session.  5%
I have not drunk as much in one session as Flintoff did.  33%
I have not drunk as much in one session as Flintoff did - but I plan to try.  48%
I have not drunk as much as Flintoff did in my life.  14%
Total: 21 members' votes
What will the final score be in the Ashes?
England's score first.
3-1  18%
2-1  41%
2-2  23%
1-1  0%
1-2  0%
1-3  0%
5-0  18%
Total: 22 members' votes   (1 comment...)
The stuff of nightmares
Many people have bad dreams. Some people dream about rowing. Sometimes people have bad dreams about rowing. But which of these thoughts is most likely to have you waking up in a cold sweat?

Dreaming about...
being bumped by LMBC  48%
losing to Oxford  36%
forgetting the lifejacket while coxing in bumps  4%
being moved to the three seat  28%
last 30 seconds of a 2k erg test  40%
being single at the bop  20%
an alcohol ban at Formal Hall  16%
a worldwide shortage of malt loaf  32%
being fastest non-qualifier at HRR  12%
only having 7 riggers in Putney  20%
Dan and Rich's anti-chafing measures  40%
Total: 25 members' votes   (1 comment...)
What training techniques/aids do you normally use?
Most of the below are used by professional athletes to keep up with the competition. Which are most used at First and Third?

N.B. to select an option you should use it regularly - so buying lucozade occasionally from the lard cupboard doesn't count for Sports drink.
Sports drinks  41%
Vitamin/mineral supplements  22%
Protein supplements  7%
Heart rate monitor  48%
Training diary  44%
Stretching sessions  59%
Core stability work outs  63%
Alexander technique training  4%
Visualisation  15%
Other specialised training technique(s) - elaborate below  0%
None of the above  15%
Total: 27 members' votes   (3 comments...)
Favourite sport to watch?
Could be live or on TV / Radio. Or even a combination.
Cricket  29%
Cycling  0%
Football  21%
Golf  4%
Rowing  4%
Rugby  13%
Tennis  4%
Women's Nude Mud Wrestling  25%
Total: 24 members' votes
Is the web poll getting stale?
This week's original poll was a repeat of an earlier poll. Is the poll getting stale? Turn out rates suggest that voter apathy is not a problem. Have the old coffin dodgers who used to contribute run out of ideas? Or have they retired, leaving a void yet to be filled by those still in statu pupillare? The main question again: is the web poll getting stale? Vote and discuss.
Yes  13%
No  87%
Total: 23 members' votes   (24 comments...)
Summer time, and the living certainly isn't easy. Several members of this website are either slogging their guts out in the City on a summer placement, or know what it's like, having done so in the past. What's the point?
I'm gaining a valuable insight into the industry that I want to work for  29%
I'm gaining a valuable insight and I realise it's not an industry I want to work for  21%
I now realise student life is so cushy and I may well do a masters to avoid this for as long as possible  93%
How do people put up with commuting? It sucks  29%
I love commuting... there's a train and it goes underground and everything!  7%
I'm being given interesting work and contributing to the company  43%
I have menial tasks and do not feel valued  21%
They keep taking me out for drinks etc  43%
There are no social activities in the evening because I'm still working  0%
Everything seems so expensive here  29%
I'm not doing an internship because I'm working in the pub at home  0%
I'm not doing an internship because I'd rather have a long summer holiday  29%
The experience I have gained on this internship will look great on my cv  21%
The experience I have gained on this internship will look great on my cv once I've hyped it up a bit  36%
Now I realise why the bufties keep coming up to Cambridge  64%
Total: 14 members' votes   (4 comments...)
Can you be bothered to vote?
Yes  69%
No  31%
Total: 29 members' votes   (7 comments...)
Who is/was the greatest oar of all time?
Abbagnale (brothers, any of them)  0%
Ned Hanlan  0%
Sir Matthew Pinsent  29%
Sir Steve Redgrave  48%
James Tomkins  5%
Rob Waddell  14%
Dreissigacker (brothers, inventors of the ergo)  5%
Total: 21 members' votes   (16 comments...)
At which sport do Black Prince have the best chance of beating FaT (other than rowing)?
Cricket  0%
Golf  0%
Triathlon  65%
Atlantic Rowing  92%
Earning More Money  85%
Drinking  35%
Chess  4%
Total: 26 members' votes   (18 comments...)
Daddy or Chips?
Daddy  23%
Chips  77%
Total: 13 members' votes   (2 comments...)
Which of the following will we see first?
I'm sure all of these events will occur at some point in the future, but which will be first?
FaT win Uni M4+  8%
FaT win Uni W4+  8%
FaT actually beats an inferior LMBC in the Uni LM4-  8%
Lents Headship  31%
Mays Headship  0%
Women's Lents Headship  4%
Women back in 1st May Division  31%
BPBC don't win Fairbairns category  8%
RTT drops below 72kg again  4%
Total: 26 members' votes   (19 comments...)
What next?
After rowing across the Channel, what will the club do next?
Boston Marathon  50%
Great River Race  5%
Record attempt on rowing the length of the Cam/Ouse  5%
Row to Lincoln  5%
Beat BPBC in the Fairbairn Cup  9%
Mays Headship  14%
Successfully enter a 1x into the GoR  14%
Total: 22 members' votes
Your favourite Bumps
The Lents & Mays are quite different experiences through the contrasting weather, number of crews, different spectators, work and social distractions etc... Which do you prefer?
Lents  24%
Mays  76%
Oxford City  0%
Total: 29 members' votes
What was your favourite Bumps race report?
Everyone knows that the real purpose of racing is to write a good report afterwards. Which of this year's May Bumps reports was your favourite?
M1 - Describing Maggie as 'hench'  6%
W1 - Haikus and Limericks  10%
M3 - Smiley Mark's blacksmith metaphor  16%
M3 - Christoph's tale of Icarus  13%
W3 - Counting strokes until the bump  3%
M4 - Top Gun quotes  16%
Caius M2 describing FaT M2 - 'I swear they had a rocket launcher on their stern!'  32%
Other  3%
Total: 31 members' votes
Which boat performed best in the Bumps?
Not mathematically but achievementally
1st Men  10%
1st Women  10%
2nd Men  77%
2nd Women  0%
3rd Men  0%
3rd Women  0%
4th Men  0%
4th Women  0%
5th Men  0%
Atlantic Prince  3%
Total: 39 members' votes   (11 comments...)
Bumps is all about... or more of the following...
Good technique  20%
Hyper-fitness  20%
Mental strength  58%
Sheer teeth-gritting tenacity  70%
Core stability  13%
Matching kit  40%
Blades  50%
Spoons  15%
Boat damage  30%
The thrill of the chase  55%
Mays dinner  63%
The bop  45%
A pint at the plough in the early evening  18%
M1  35%
W1  25%
Marshalling  5%
Those few seconds of silence before the gun  48%
The weeks of training beforehand  23%
The alcohol bans  13%
The start  48%
The rating  15%
Grassy  18%
The quick bump  28%
The satisfying 'reach' bump  25%
The slow grind and just before the line bump  8%
Hitting Maggie  55%
The stomp  75%
Crew pastas  35%
The race reports  43%
The FaT mobile update system  25%
Being a DU/SU  18%
The callouses  5%
The glory  45%
The pain  45%
Crew showers  15%
Having fun (?!)  40%
Blood, sweat and tears  30%
Total: 40 members' votes   (8 comments...)
Will the 2nd VIII or the women get into the 1st division first?
The women are surely far too low in the rankings, starting 1st in division 2, but after holding off Queens they will be hard pushed to take a fast Darwin crew before the Darwin crew bumps out. The 2nd VIII could also move into the top flight on day one if they can manage the extraordinary and take down Caius II in Div 2 followed by Peterhouse in Div 1 as sandwich boat. Who will do it first?
Men II  19%
Women I  45%
both manage it on same day  19%
neither manage it all week  5%
Men III  12%
Total: 42 members' votes   (2 comments...)
What should Smiley Mark wear on University Challenge?
Our Sec is captaining the Trinity side in the challenge of challenges... how should he make his allegiances known?
Boatclub Tie  46%
Boatclub bow tie  15%
Boatclub boxers  37%
Boatclub boxers (only)  12%
Boatclub Blazer  22%
All-in-One  17%
Zephyr  7%
Stripeys  22%
Stripey antipodean kit  2%
Gold Socks  71%
Other (please specify!)  12%
Total: 41 members' votes   (66 comments...)
Suicide Sunday - What's it to be?
Any or all (you'll be lucky) of the following...
Punting race v Johns  39%
Punting regatta - FaT takes on the world  16%
Punt to Granchester  45%
BBQ  50%
Invade another clubs Garden Party  21%
Health Spa  8%
Childish and immature games on Jesus Green  11%
Childish and immature games on the backs  24%
Childish and immature games on punts  42%
Bridge jumping  21%
Treasure hunt  26%
Drinking tennis  5%
Drinking football  3%
Drinking rock/paper/scissors  5%
Wet T-shirt competition  53%
Water fight  34%
Rounders (I have a bat and ball)  18%
Other (please specify)  5%
Total: 38 members' votes   (4 comments...)
Chin Up Chicken
With Bread  79%
Without Bread  21%
Total: 24 members' votes
Would you bed your bedder?
I already do  3%
Yes - she's well fit  7%
Yes - it's the only way I'd get any  3%
Only if I was drunk  7%
Only if someone paid me  14%
No - she reminds me of my grandma  66%
Total: 29 members' votes   (5 comments...)
What should the club have as its 3 letter ARA code?
All clubs soon have to have a 3 letter ARA code for their boats, which is used at eg. the Nat. Champs. and on the Tideway. Currently ours is FTT, but we have an option to change it. What should we have?
FTT  7%
FTR (easy to add to existing TR numbers)  0%
CTR (Cambridge, Trinity - similar)  2%
FAT  81%
CAT  0%
BUN  0%
RTT  10%
XXX  0%
Total: 42 members' votes   (18 comments...)
Opinion Poll
If there was a general election tomorrow, for whom would you vote?
Conservative  27%
Green  2%
Labour  7%
Liberal Democrat  46%
a national party in Wales/Scotland/Ireland  2%
Monster Raving Looney  7%
Respect  0%
UKIP  0%
Veritas  0%
Other  0%
Spoil ballot  0%
Deliberate abstention  7%
Don't Know  0%
Total: 41 members' votes   (19 comments...)
Following on from the recent Club Money message board thread, what's your favourite kind of handle?
Wooden (Smooth)  3%
Wooden (Rough)  50%
Plastic  12%
Foam  18%
Synthetic Suede  3%
Messiah  9%
Water Music  6%
Total: 34 members' votes   (11 comments...)
Favourite Blackadder Episode?
A year on from the Cornwall training camp, where I suspect we watched at least 80% of all the Blackadder ever produced, I wonder which episode is most beloved by all? Full scripts can be found here. Feel free to ask
1.1: The Foretelling  0%
1.2: The Queen of Spain's Beard  0%
1.3: The Archbishop  5%
1.4: Born to be a King  9%
1.5: The Witchsmeller Pursuivant  0%
1.6: The Black Seal  0%
2.1: Head  0%
2.2: Bell  0%
2.3: Potato  0%
2.4: Money  5%
2.5: Beer  5%
2.6: Chains  9%
3.1: Dish and Dishonesty  0%
3.2: Ink and Incapability  14%
3.3: Nob and Nobility  0%
3.4: Sense and Senility  0%
3.5: Amy and Amiability  0%
3.6: Duel and Duality  5%
4.1: Corporal Punishment  5%
4.2: Captain Cook  0%
4.3: Major Star  0%
4.4: Private Plane  0%
4.5: General Hospital  27%
4.6: Goodbyeee  18%
Total: 22 members' votes   (8 comments...)
Favourite outing type?
UT2  19%
Fartlek  6%
2x19' pyramids  10%
Power water work  16%
3 courses  32%
6 x 3'  3%
6 x 500m  13%
Row to Ely  0%
Swapping blades over  0%
Total: 31 members' votes   (22 comments...)
Optimal Easter vac training?
What mix of the following will give you the edge for May Term crew selection?
Lots of sculling (added benefit of tanning)  38%
Lots of pairs rowing (also tanning)  56%
Numb bum ergo sessions  53%
Beach weights  31%
Maxim  9%
Swimming  22%
Rowing diet (it's all about food - sod the exercise)  47%
Steroids  19%
Tubbing  9%
Running  50%
Lunges  22%
Analysis of 2005 Boat Race technique  28%
Shiny new lycra  34%
Cox press-ups (2004 2nd May VIII special)  16%
Holiday job as a labourer  6%
Holiday job in the sporting arena  9%
Plenty of fluids...  50%
Total: 32 members' votes   (1 comment...)
Where will you be on Boat Race day?
Last year I watched the Boat Race on television, which had the advantage of me being able to see the whole race (although sadly not the Goldie/Isis race), but the disadvantage of missing out on the brilliant atmosphere on the bank. This year, ITV have the television rights, so I'll probably head down to London. What will everyone else be doing?

On Boat Race day, I will be...
On the bank at Hammersmith watching the action live  32%
In a pub along the course  9%
Watching on the big screens  15%
In the launch  0%
Listening on the radio  6%
Watching on television  56%
Supporting Cambridge  94%
Supporting Oxford  0%
Wearing an item of Cambridge Blue clothing  29%
Drunk  26%
Revising :(  15%
Not watching the boat race, I have better things to do with my time  0%
Total: 34 members' votes   (7 comments...)
We all know there are lots of rules about Boat Club, but with which of them do you agree?
1st RULE: You do not talk about BOAT CLUB.  39%
2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about BOAT CLUB.  43%
3rd RULE: If someone says _stop_ or goes limp, taps out the outing is over.  21%
4th RULE: Only eight guys to a boat.  32%
5th RULE: One boat at a time.  25%
6th RULE: No shirts, no shoes.  50%
7th RULE: Outings will go on as long as they have to.  96%
8th RULE: If this is your first night at BOAT CLUB, you HAVE to row.  57%
Total: 28 members' votes
Will the women's boat club gain the Lents Headship within the next 3 years?
After their fantastic performance this Lents, it's not that far away. Can they do it in 3 years?
Yes  57%
No  43%
Total: 37 members' votes   (16 comments...)
Name the new novice VIII
Something eye-catching, flash, witty. Something like...
Ricardo  26%
Camilla  3%
Will Thorne  3% for formals  10%
Break bows here (with a dotted line around the bow section)  23%
Nimbus 5000  3%
Eat my bows  0%
Nick Kingsbury  0%
David Jones  0%
The Munro (welcomes freshers 8/9 at a time)  3%
Penetrator  0%
Nothing, it will have to be replaced within a year  0%
The Bathtub  0%
Log  0%
Sir Martin Rees  15%
FiT FaT VIII  0%
Crab Central  0%
We don't need sponsors  3%
No name but a comical face with sharks teeth and evil eyes  10%
Total: 39 members' votes   (9 comments...)
For Valentine's Day I gave...
Tick all that apply.
Card  81%
Chocolates  42%
Dinner  50%
Flowers  15%
Maxim  15%
Underwear  19%
Head  35%
Total: 26 members' votes   (7 comments...)
Where's Ditton?
Some people refer to the Ditton end of the reach as the
Top of the reach  32%
Bottom of the reach  68%
Total: 37 members' votes   (35 comments...)
Rampant boaties - what inter/intra-boatclub carnage have you been involved in?
We've all been to formal hall lots of times. I'm sure most of us have tried it on with an unsuspecting member of the opposition. But with members (past or present) of how many boatclubs have you actually been successful?
First and Third Trinity BC  84%
Caius BC  31%
Christ's College BC  28%
Churchill College BC  9%
Clare BC  34%
Clare Hall BC  3%
Corpus Christi College BC  13%
Darwin College BC  6%
Downing College BC (shame on you)  9%
Emmanuel College BC  16%
Fitzwilliam College BC  6%
Girton College BC  16%
Homerton College BC  34%
Hughes Hall BC  3%
Jesus College BC  25%
King's College BC  3%
LMBC (tut tut)  31%
Lucy Cavendish BC (?!)  3%
Magdalene BC  13%
New Hall BC  19%
Newnham College BC  22%
Pembroke College BC  41%
Peterhouse BC  25%
Queens' College BC  16%
Robinson College BC  9%
St Catharine's College BC  19%
St Edmund's College BC  3%
Selwyn College BC  19%
Sidney Sussex College BC  9%
Trinity Hall BC  13%
Wolfson College BC  6%
Black Prince BC  50%
CUBC  13%
CULRC  16%
CUWBC  22%
Leander  3%
Rob Roy BC  16%
Any other town club  13%
Any Oxford club  22%
Total: 32 members' votes   (1 comment...)
In which boat will the first men race the Lent Bumps?
So far they've taken out BP2 and BP3...
Black Prince 1  31%
Any one of the other Black Princes  6%
A novice shell  17%
A different boat every day  11%
Fair Maid of Kent  36%
Total: 36 members' votes
What constitutes 'cooperation' in the incest chart?
A line == a pull. But what is a pull?
Touching  4%
Kissing  4%
Kissing with tongue (sometimes called 'French kissing', but not by me)  54%
Shagging  11%
Marriage  4%
Mixed double outing  21%
A stroke  4%
Total: 28 members' votes   (1 comment...)
Who do we hate most?
Caius  15%
Downing  53%
LMBC  32%
Total: 34 members' votes   (25 comments...)
What's the highest rate you've ever clocked?
Bonus points for small boats
less than 40  14%
40-45  18%
46-48  32%
49  0%
50  0%
51  0%
52  9%
53  0%
54  5%
55  5%
56+  18%
Total: 22 members' votes   (9 comments...)
New Year's Resolutions
This year, I resolve to
train more  73%
train less  3%
win blades  27%
qualify for/row at Henley  27%
take a break from rowing  3%
take up rowing again  23%
do all the stretches my physio tells me to do  37%
wash my kit  40%
spend less time on this website  30%
spend more time on this website  10%
stomp  40%
get a (new) job  33%
smile more  30%
buft  40%
win the fancy dress prize at Cardinals  3%
drink more (alcohol)  17%
drink less (alcohol)  27%
not make any resolutions  10%
Total: 30 members' votes
Who delivered more Christmas presents this year ?
Father Christmas  33%
St. Nicholas  6%
Santa Claus  11%
Kriss Kringle  0%
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer  11%
Royal Mail  39%
Total: 18 members' votes
What is your 2k PW?
That's Personal Worst if it's not obvious - only counting pieces you started with the intention of doing a flat out 2k, and discounting any you didn't finish
10:00+  0%
9:40-9:59  0%
9:20-9:39  0%
9:00-9:19  4%
8:50-8:59  4%
8:40-8:49  4%
8:30-8:39  4%
8:20-8:29  7%
8:10-8:19  0%
8:00-8:09  0%
7:50-7:59  7%
7:40-7:49  14%
7:30-7:39  11%
7:20-7:29  4%
7:10-7:19  21%
7:00-7:09  11%
6:50-6:59  7%
6:40-6:49  0%
6:30-6:39  4%
6:20-6:29  0%
6:10-6:19  0%
6:00-6:09  0%
<6:00  0%
Total: 28 members' votes   (29 comments...)
Which of these have you experienced on an ergo?
Following on from our discussion of personal worsts, which of these have you done on an ergo?
Thrown up  48%
Got buttock cramp  72%
Shat your pants (preferable to rowing for LMBC)  4%
Had sex  20%
Passed out  4%
Given up  72%
Total: 25 members' votes   (4 comments...)
I won the Fairbairn Cup...
In 1956  10%
In 2004  19%
For second boats  24%
For novices  5%
For Fours  10%
In my single scull  67%
Total: 21 members' votes
How often do you wash your kit?
More than once a week  29%
Once a week  24%
Once a fortnight  29%
Once a month  9%
Once a term  3%
When it rains  6%
Total: 34 members' votes   (11 comments...)
What is your 2k PB?
>8:20  6%
8:10-8:19  0%
8:00-8:09  0%
7:50-7:59  12%
7:40-7:49  3%
7:30-7:39  3%
7:20-7:29  0%
7:10-7:19  0%
7:00-7:09  6%
6:50-6:59  12%
6:40-6:49  9%
6:30-6:39  15%
6:20-6:29  18%
6:10-6:19  9%
6:00-6:09  3%
5:50-5:59  0%
5:40-5:49  0%
<5:39  3%
Total: 33 members' votes   (37 comments...)
Black Prince BC  44%
First and Third Trinity BC  56%
Total: 50 members' votes   (6 comments...)
HoR4s. Select all the options that you think will occur
FaT Men beat BPBC Men  10%
FaT Women beat BPBC women  20%
FaT Men finish higher than they start  65%
FaT Women finish higher than they start  75%
FaT Men have a positive net overtaking record  55%
FaT Women have a positive net overtaking record  45%
FaT men overtaken by BPBC Men  15%
FaT Women overtaken by BPBC Women  5%
FaT Men best college crew  25%
FaT Women best college crew  10%
FaT Men get under the 2nd Lamppost  60%
FaT Women get under the 2nd Lamppost  45%
FaT Men have a huge blade clash  45%
FaT Women have a huge blade clash  50%
FaT Men have a huge blade clash with FaT Women  10%
Total: 20 members' votes   (7 comments...)
Which rowing term made you snigger most as a novice?
Stroke  38%
Cox box  0%
Entry  8%
Rack  0%
Pull  0%
Shaft  46%
Scull  0%
Rudder  8%
Total: 13 members' votes   (9 comments...)

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