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After their win at Queens' Ergs, how will the Novice Women fare in Clare Novices ?
The 1st Novice Women won Queens' Ergs by over half a minute. But will that translate into rowing ability on the water? Will the age-old proverb
Winners  76%
Finalists  17%
Semi-Finalists  7%
Quarter-Finalists  0%
Knocked out before QF  0%
Click here if you think they'll have at least one crabbing incident  76%
Click here if you think they'll hit the bank at least once  38%
Click here if you think they'll get a DQ  3%
Total: 29 members' votes   (19 comments...)
Who should be in the Fairbairn VIII?
Everyone knows how difficult the captain's job is. We can make it easier for him by democratically selecting the Fairbairn VIII. You should pick 8 rowers and a cox (unless you have a radical new strategy). Bear in mind availibility and motivation issues.
Bullock  0%
Byrne  24%
Chamberlain  84%
Clouting  24%
Coker  49%
Colvin  35%
Dunleavy  5%
Holland  86%
Ingram  57%
Koryczan  14%
Lea-Cox  54%
Miller  8%
Milos  41%
Minch-Dixon  5%
Noble-Nesbitt  0%
Mycroft  32%
Peacock  49%
Sankey  16%
Silvey  27%
Thorne  65%
Walker  19%
Duan  16%
Earl  41%
Munro  30%
Wong  11%
Fisher  27%
Total: 37 members' votes   (54 comments...)
Which is the best track to listen to for maximum erging performance?
(and should therefore be in the bop)
Eye Of The Tiger (Survivor)  50%
The Way (Divine Inspiration)  7%
Castles in the Sky (Ian van Dahl)  3%
Right Here, Right Now (Fatboy Slim)  20%
Don't Stop Me Now (Queen)  20%
Hey Boy Hey Girl (Chemical Brothers)  0%
Gay Bar (Electric Six)  0%
Total: 30 members' votes   (22 comments...)
How long will it take the Goldie coxless 4 to overtake First and Third at the Fours' Head?
They're starting right behind...
They won't  19%
In a last gasp effort at the Black Buoy  4%
In the Harrods' wind shadow  4%
2nd lamp post at Hammersmith  4%
Chiswick Eyot  8%
Bandstand  27%
Before Barnes Bridge  23%
Within the first minute  12%
Within the first ten strokes  12%
Also click here if you think it'll involve a massive blade clash  77%
Total: 26 members' votes   (22 comments...)
are just another club to race on the river  9%
deserve our admiration and respect  6%
I'd rather be at Oxford than St John's!  20%
are despicable and worthless  9%
I would rather s*** in my own pants than row for Lady Margaret  51%
Who's Maggie?  6%
Total: 35 members' votes   (15 comments...)

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