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What's your favourite bop song?
We all know the bop represents a distorted view of
The Way - Divine Inspiration  6%
Blue - Eiffel65  0%
Gold - Spandau Ballet  6%
Macarena - Los Del Rio  6%
Saturday Night - Whigfield  17%
Top Gun Theme - Miami Sound Machine  17%
The One and Only - Chesney Hawks  39%
Rupert the Bear Theme - Rupert the Bear  0%
Other (post below)  11%
Total: 18 members' votes
by BJ - Sun 9th Jul 2006, 9:33pm
Surely it's got to be Living on a Prayer?
by BJ - Sun 9th Jul 2006, 9:48pm
Dan said: We all know the bop represents a distorted view of
Also, what was the rest of the introductory bit meant to say...?
by Poll Writer - Sun 9th Jul 2006, 10:13pm
...popular music. But which of the below is your favourite bop favourite?
by KSS - Mon 10th Jul 2006, 12:57pm
am trying to find my old bop play lists, I don't think even half the songs you mentioned ended up in my bops. Blue and The Way being far too credible.

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