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Rampant boaties - what inter/intra-boatclub carnage have you been involved in?
We've all been to formal hall lots of times. I'm sure most of us have tried it on with an unsuspecting member of the opposition. But with members (past or present) of how many boatclubs have you actually been successful?
First and Third Trinity BC  84%
Caius BC  31%
Christ's College BC  28%
Churchill College BC  9%
Clare BC  34%
Clare Hall BC  3%
Corpus Christi College BC  13%
Darwin College BC  6%
Downing College BC (shame on you)  9%
Emmanuel College BC  16%
Fitzwilliam College BC  6%
Girton College BC  16%
Homerton College BC  34%
Hughes Hall BC  3%
Jesus College BC  25%
King's College BC  3%
LMBC (tut tut)  31%
Lucy Cavendish BC (?!)  3%
Magdalene BC  13%
New Hall BC  19%
Newnham College BC  22%
Pembroke College BC  41%
Peterhouse BC  25%
Queens' College BC  16%
Robinson College BC  9%
St Catharine's College BC  19%
St Edmund's College BC  3%
Selwyn College BC  19%
Sidney Sussex College BC  9%
Trinity Hall BC  13%
Wolfson College BC  6%
Black Prince BC  50%
CUBC  13%
CULRC  16%
CUWBC  22%
Leander  3%
Rob Roy BC  16%
Any other town club  13%
Any Oxford club  22%
Total: 32 members' votes
by dw229 - Sun 6th Feb 2005, 11:26pm
Surprisingly difficult...

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