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Which website view do you use?
We now have options of gold font on blue background (traditional) or grey font on white background (new). You can switch between the two at the bottom of the page.
Gold on Blue  57%
Grey on White  24%
Either (depends on my mood)  19%
Total: 21 members' votes
by The Style Police - Tue 5th Nov 2013, 8:04pm
A few thoughts:

I don't feel too strongly but quite like the new colour scheme for the main body of the page

I prefer the menu in the old colour scheme.

Something needs to be done about the font. I'm not going to go into the serif/sans debate as I don't actually care (although I would say that page titles and the banner should be serif); what makes the site look dated is the fact that the font hasn't been updated for high resolution screens. Smoothing it out will go a long way to improving how readable the whole thing is.
Edit: The font looks ok in smaller text sizes, but look at the banner at top, there's great chunks that look like someone's been at it with a hammer!
by Simon - Mon 11th Nov 2013, 8:39am
The blue/grey on white is described as new, but a "black on white" version was added to MCP's original spec so that bufties having a quick look(*) at the website while at work didn't draw attention to themselves. I think, ten years later, personal browsing at work is now more accepted in most workplaces.

(* = and/or spending hours on the message boards)
by He Who Is Not Mexican - Tue 12th Nov 2013, 9:38pm
I think Aaron's onto something... it's not the blue on gold that's the problem (I hugely prefer it...), I think the text/font is what looks dated. Perhaps a switch to Arial or Helvetica might be nice, vectorising it/making it high-res properly if that's an issue?

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