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What training techniques/aids do you normally use?
Most of the below are used by professional athletes to keep up with the competition. Which are most used at First and Third?

N.B. to select an option you should use it regularly - so buying lucozade occasionally from the lard cupboard doesn't count for Sports drink.
Sports drinks  41%
Vitamin/mineral supplements  22%
Protein supplements  7%
Heart rate monitor  48%
Training diary  44%
Stretching sessions  59%
Core stability work outs  63%
Alexander technique training  4%
Visualisation  15%
Other specialised training technique(s) - elaborate below  0%
None of the above  15%
Total: 27 members' votes
by I wish they rolled on lucozade... - Thu 1st Sep 2005, 11:29am
I just read a book called 'Prisonnier du dopage' by a cyclist called Philippe Gaumont, late of Team Cofidis. Totally crazy! My French vocab or specialised 'training aid' chemistry has been greatly enhanced. Can't believe people do that to themselves.

I may seem a bit blue eyed- how much of a problem is doping in rowing?
by jpd - Tue 6th Sep 2005, 7:39am
I wish they rolled on lucozade... said: I may seem a bit blue eyed- how much of a problem is doping in rowing?
The East Germans allegedly used banned drugs in the 70s and 80s - current GB head coach Jurgen Grobler was involved (read the article for the full story).

Sport England, BIRO and most similar bodies from other countries are dead against doping as it's extremely damaging to the country, rowing and the athlete involved if anyone tests positive. Also doping (especially when done in such a way as to avoid detection) is expensive, and as there isn't much money in rowing (compared to some other sports) it's generally not worthwhile.

However, whether accidental or otherwise, one or two countries or a minority of individuals are currently using or have recently used doping.
by pia - Mon 12th Sep 2005, 9:24am
jpd said:
thanks xx

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