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he he he he he! he he he he he!, Thu 16th Jun, 9:41am
a recommendation

not bumps related, but too funny not to post here. cath - am v sorry, suspect yu will be asked to remove this shortly. (3 comments...)
Row? Across the Channel? Simon, Tue 7th Jun, 7:35am
"Are you a sailor? Would you row across the Channel?" said Fred Caygill, from the Maritime Coastguard Agency.
Fixing the slide/calf connection problem Simon, Sun 5th Jun, 12:14pm
Finally, a solution to the problem of slides in the backs of your legs...
Amazing Clock Bryn, Sun 29th May, 12:51pm
I don't know how or why I found this, but I liked it.
I told you so Simon, Fri 20th May, 7:36pm
Could be useful... There is now a website group ready for you to astonish the rest of the club with your Mystic Meg abilities -
This is motivation! Tudor, Thu 19th May, 11:54am
We'll just have to convince him to do a masters here...
Reds have a sporting advantage Mike, Thu 19th May, 7:33am
Not applicable to college rowing, obviously...
So this is whereJeff Mackowiak's been... Simon, Mon 16th May, 8:43am
Apologies to anyone who doesn't know Jeff and thus won't get it.
He's even wearing his Hawks club tie! (1 comment...)
Penny bridges etc. Jenny penny "benny", Thu 12th May, 8:26pm
What to do with all those pennies acquired at formal hall...
Italian Stallion Dan N, Thu 12th May, 12:12pm
Revising for my law exams I constantly questioned my sanity, until I read this report and realised that, yes, there is no point in trying to make any rational sense of anything...

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