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15th Feb '07BumpIT!by bjg
BumpIT is back - click here to play!

This is our bumps predictions game, launched this time last year. The rules (unchanged since the Mays) are explained on the main page, with details of the scoring system (for those that are fussed) in the Leaderboard section. There are two versions of the game: 4-day, for predicting the complete men's or women's bumps charts, and Daily, for predicting each of the five days of the Lent Bumps.

Prizes will be awarded to the Lents 2007 BumpIT Champions: hoodies for the 4-day competitions and T-shirts for the Daily ones, so if you're running short on clothes then get that entry in!

Please note that, for now, the bottom ten men's and women's crews are those that finished bottom last year. These will be altered after the Getting-on Race, at which point you may wish to change your predictions.

If you are not already logged in, then you can log in to play using your normal website username and password. If you're not sure what I mean by this, then please get in touch at webmaster at

Finally, apologies to Will who entered before the official start of BumpIT and was therefore deleted. It's the only way he'll learn.
by Bryn - Fri 23rd Feb 2007, 10:18pm
The BumpIT start order has been updated to include the results of today's Getting-on Race, so you may wish to go back and alter your predictions. Congratulations to M5 and W3 on getting on!

We are also pleased to announce a new competition for this term's BumpIT. The bottom divisions are notoriously unpredictable, so we shall we awarding 'BumpIT Spanners' to the players who gain the highest scores in the M4 and W3 divisions over the course of the week.

Keep those predictions coming in!
by BJ - Sat 24th Feb 2007, 12:24pm
Bryn said: may wish to go back and alter your predictions...
Particular Martin - I really can't see Christ's IV finishing 5th in division 1...
by BJ - Sat 24th Feb 2007, 7:01pm
I've had a number of queries (three) about the Daily competition for BumpIT. The reason why you can't predict the M1 and W1 divisions is that they don't race on the Tuesday. Similarly, you won't be able to predict M2/W2 for Wednesday's, M3/W3 for Thursday's or M4 for Friday's versions. On Saturday all divisions race.

Hope this clears up any problems!
by BJ - Tue 27th Feb 2007, 6:46pm
Well done to Erica for winning Tuesday's BumpIT! Good to see the captain leading by example.
by Martin P - Wed 28th Feb 2007, 10:08pm
Blimey - 'Neil' has had a good first day!
by Martin P - Fri 2nd Mar 2007, 11:43am
Apologies to all that BumpIT has become a bit slow. I'm afraid a victim of its own success - vastly more people playing than last year - the amount of prediction bumps data in the system is the problem. Thanks to everyone who has played and anyone bored enough to brave it now :-) Rest assured that I will do some work ironing out the bottlenecks between now and the Mays.
by BJ - Sat 3rd Mar 2007, 12:02pm
Belated congratulations to Jenny for yesterday's win! Will Neil's huge lead coming into the last day be enough to secure the Women's prize, or will Magnus pip him to the finish line?

On a personal note, I'm pleased to see that I've been putting in consistently strong performances while avoiding any embarrassing wins...
by BJ - Mon 5th Mar 2007, 2:10pm
Congratulations to all the BumpIT winners, especially those from FaT! The complete list of winners is:

Men's 4-day: FatCat
Women's 4-day: Neil C

Tuesday: Erica
Wednesday: Just guessing...
Thursday: Penknives!!!!
Friday: Little Jenners
Saturday: Magnus

Men's Spanner: CB
Women's Spanner: Mercury

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