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23rd Nov '01Men's 2k ergo challengeby jwe
In the new vein of challenges resulting in prizes, I am offering a bottle of wine to the man whose 2k on Tuesday shows greatest improvement on the start of term (in watts). The current leader is Dan Walker, who in the 4 weeks of the last training cycle improved by 20.8 watts, followed closely by Dan Jane with 19 watts.
by Dubya - Tue 27th Nov 2001, 9:26pm
Well done to all the guys that did 2k's today. The performance squad averaged an 11s improvement per man in the last 6 weeks, under Head Coach Iain Law's new reduced-load programme. Looks like Guy is in the lead in the 2k challenge...

Performance Squad (term's improvement in parens)
Andrews. 6.32.0 // 372.0 W (?)
Davies. 6.33.0 // 368.9 W (+22W)
Clouting. 6.44.4 // 338.7 W (+28.4W)
Jane. 6.45.1 // 337.0 W (+27W)
Goldmanis. 6.47.7 // 330.5 W (+18W)
Byrne. 6.56.9 // 309.2 W (+15W)
Taylor. 6.57.9 // 307.0 W (+28.7W)
Thorne. 6.58.9 // 304.8 W (+4W)
Peck. 6.59.5 // 303.5 W (?)
Walker. 6.59.7 // 303.1 W (+27W)
Edwards. 7.19.7 // 263.6 W (+27W)

Recreational Squad [optional 2k]
Patterson. 7.07.1 // 287.5 W (-11W)
Fell. 7.44.2 // 224.0 W (?)
by Dubya - Wed 28th Nov 2001, 9:18pm
More careful calculation leads to the conclusion that Iain Edwards actually improved by 29.4 watts this term, just ahead of Guy.

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