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Emma Sprints, Mich Term 2023

500m up the reach. Fancy dress is recommended!
Sun 19th November

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1st men's novice VIII, Division 1

Quarter finals
Beat Wolfson NM1 through their disqualification.
Very close racing in the first 100m. Wolfson began to edge closer to our blades but FaT cox held the line until blades clipped. Wolfson then overtook us but were eventually disqualified. They gave us a slow clap as we rowed home past their boathouse.  (Alexander Watson)
You are allowed to claim ownership of your own excellent lines, Alex. (Thomas Frith)
Semi finals
Beat Pembroke
Pembroke caught an overhead crab at ~250m and were also more than a boatlength behind so we wound the rate down to around 22 strokes per minute. The victory was certain but the marshall seemed confused (Alexander Watson)
Beat Selwyn (Half a length)
Selwyn had an excellent start so pulled ahead by a few seats almost immediately. After a few missed strokes and some crabs we were 2 boat lengths behind at around 250m. The crew got back into rhythm and with some encouragements started to put power down throughout the whole stroke. We began to gain on them and accelerated all the way to the 500m finish, overtaking Selwyn at an impressive rate of around 1 seat per 2 or 3 strokes at the finish. The quality of rowing only improved throughout the race which is something to work on for next time. (Alexander Watson)
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1st women's novice VIII, Division 1

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2nd men's novice VIII, Division 2

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2nd women's novice VIII, Division 2

1st round
Lost to Emma NW2
Note: due to weather issues earlier in the term, senior coxswains were strongly encouraged to cox novice boats for this event. (Thomas Frith)
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