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Bedford Head, Lent Term 2023

1st men's VIII (Open Eights (Band 2))

Coxed by: Connor Wood

14th Overall, 4th in Band 2
Time: 5:14
M1 achieved the rare feat of entering early enough to be in Bomber’s favourite division: Div 2. This unfortunately necessitated the hiring of a car to get there on time.
Surprisingly little went wrong, with us having ample time to wait for Krisztian to go to the toilet, and Thomas to ‘guzzle’ 500g of mozzarella before needing to boat. The paddle to the start was fine, marshalling fairly uneventful, and the race was to begin…
Rate 41 off the start, settling into 36 by a minute in, was accompanied by a beautiful « one forty-one, no THIRTY ONE splits boys » from Connor that set the tone nicely. A little dip in splits after a bridge were ameliorated as we returned to below 1:40 in short order.
We climbed to the finish and had had a decent race.
(Thomas Frith)

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