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May Bumps 2022

1st men's VIII

Coxed by: Connor Wood

Bumped by Jesus
An incredibly close run thing. After initially pulling away, Jesus made their move on the Reach, closing to overlap just after the Railway Bridge. After a few misses, contact was finally made, hull on hull, when our bowball was just about level with the finish post at Morley's Holt - where Jesus would have to have stopped. (Richard)
We’re a bit sad. (Thomas Frith)
Bumped by Queens'
Queens' came at us hard, and we didn't end up pulling away off our start as we usually would. By First Post they were already a length behind. We pushed hard, and they came at us with a bumps push round Grassy. With a tighter line, we thought that we'd escaped, but they came on for us again at the Plough, succeeding this time. 

In contrast to the previous days, this felt like a time where Queens' were simply faster, and we did well to hold on for as long as we did.

Disappointing, especially due to the clash that it sets us up for with LMBC II, but that's just how it goes. If only we rowed over Jesus yesterday...
(Thomas Frith)
Bumped by LMBC II
This was written 6 months after the fact, when I realised that something should be written, and I'm an adequate person for this, having rowed in the boat.

This is the first time First and Third M1 has ever been bumped by a second boat, and the lowest position that we've ever been in May Bumps (by two places if my information is correct). I would like to lodge a nominal protest that since I personally (in 4-seat) crossed the line before Jesus bumped us on day 2, surely bow four shouldn't get spoons...

We went off hard as per usual - not quite reaching the 1:17 splits of our practice starts - remaining on station with Queens (who bumped us yesterday) by First Post. LMBC M2 really came for us after Grassy, and bumped us just after Ditton Corner. We proceeded to pull in straight into the stationary Emmanuel M1, who had pulled in after bumping Downing. I know that I barely did anything in response to Connor's calls (his aim was not to hit Emmanuel). Their new-for-this-term boat had to be sent for repairs, but 805 (yet to be officially named at this point) was fine.
Xander (in bow) gets clouted across the back by an Emma blade, and requires a tin foil blanket. 

We row home, unhappy. Vomit, sweat, tears and spoons isn't quite traditional, but that's what came out of our campaign. 
(Thomas Frith)

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