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Bedford Regatta, May Term 2022

1st men's VIII (College VIIIs)

Coxed by: Connor Wood

Lost by 2 lengths to Oriel’s 3:32
Time: 3:32
Less than three hours after our crushing defeat of the second-best crew of 16 year-olds that a single secondary school has to offer, we face Oriel M1. Bomber was less-than-completely-complimentary after our first race, though ‘a win’s a win’ did appear a fair chunk in conversation. Entering into this race, we discussed the need to row calmly, and to go off hard. “Never mind 40, we take whatever we can get!”
Such calm plans were promptly scuppered by rowing down the course, with some questionable decisions from Angus and Csongi to take in their blades, promptly causing the boat to go far too close to the bank. Calls over the coxbox for some deep breaths and relaxing appeared to be more for Connor’s benefit than anyone else’s, but we survived and made it to the start just fine.

We went off hard and we pushed hard; it felt good. Connor’s calls for strong strokes went down well, and we were smooth over the course. Naturally, Oriel crushed us, but Bomber swore that it was only by a length and a quarter at the line, and not the two lengths of the umpire’s call.

Bomber was happy. 
(Thomas Frith)

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