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Lent Bumps 2022

1st women's VIII

Coxed by: Andrea Sendula

Bumped by Trinity Hall
We had a bit of a rough start... Directly behind Caius W1 who had been looking strong throughout this term we knew out chances of bumping them were low, and they were. Our nerves were up but we were ready, paddleing to the start position in composed manner. Within about 15 seconds of the third cannon going off, we heard the single whistle meaning that Tit Hall had cought up to us within a length. We tried to keep them off on the first post reach but they kept coming back within a boat length and the whistle just would not really stop for any longer than a couple of strokes. As we were going into first post corner, they had cought up to us and were in bump position. Fortunately for us, the kind of steered for the bump, followed by their 2 seat catching a crab resulting in us being able to push them away (though only by about 1.5 lengths, we didn't quite take the opportunity as we should have) by the time we were going through the Plough, they were back at our heels, pushing hard not to let us slip away form them. When we were going into the corner to the reach, our 7 seat's blade made contact with their bow after a wild series of whistles that I personally was completely unable to interpret. Bomber tries saving us from the bump by giving steering instructions to Andrea, but it was too late. Bump awarded. SoMe PEopLe stopped rowing right after we bumped (not nearly enough for a fine, it was far from dangerous and we kept going eventiually) and then gracefully rammed into the far bank where we all coughed our lungs out and decided that this was the time to make all of our firends think we had covid with all the coughing. We were pretty exhausted considering we'd only made it about halfway through the course and of course, slightly disappointed as we had hoped for either a rowover or in our dreams an overbump. Overall, a good first bumps experience (none of us had ever raced in a bumps race) and we are stoked to see what else we might be able to do this week.  (Julia Frieberger)
Rowed over
On our second day of bumps, we were chased by Christ's W1 and chasing Tit Hall W1, who had bumped us the day before. Again, slow start (I'm starting to think we just don't go off hard enough, Polly would say otherwise) and there was a sweet sound of whistleing in the air within the first 15-30 seconds after the cannon. We were able to keep them at that distance though, pushing them away a bit and then them coming within a length again repeatedly. Eventually, after a tough fight through the gut, we pushed them away as we were going into the long reach and by the time we were approaching the railings, they were way behind us. Very good effort on the reach from everyone and I think endurance is where our strength lies as a crew bc the start really can't be it. I know rowover sounds like a defeat, but it sure felt like a victory to me and probably the other girls too and at least we are now safe from getting spoons... Perhaps we can get a bump in and then have done all three within one week?  (Julia Frieberger)
Bumped by Christ's
Our spirits were pretty high as we had managed to avoid another bump on day two, racing away from Christ's and pulling away a significant bit on the reach. There was no way they were going to catch us today, right? Our race plan was to catch Clare at about Ditton and bag our first bump of the week. In the excitement of this, we kind of forgot that we had a crew hungry for blood behind us that ended up catching us just after grassy. Spirits were very low that evening and everyone was quite frustrated, especially because we had such high hopes for that day. Oh well, we told ourselves that we might be able to catch them on the last day and get ultimate revenge.  (Julia Frieberger)
Rowed over
On the last and perhaps busiest day of bumps we were hoping to get revenge on the crew that had surprisingly bumped us the day before, Christ's. After an unclear pursuit leading up to first post corner where we were never sure if the whistles we heard were for us or for the crew behind us, Queens' behind us made a bit of a move around grassy and I personally had a dejavu of what had happened in our other bumps. But instead of giving up or forgetting how to row again, we pushed them away and by the end of the plough, we had put some distance behind us and them. Christ's in the meantime had made their own little push and had escaped our reach but at least we were no longer really in danger of being bumped down. On the reach, as always, our crew did its little thing where we remember how to row and suddently put down some power exactly as other crews start to get tired and we pushed Queens' away a fair amout before crossing the finishline feeling triumphant while actually having finished bumps two positions below our original start rank. Oh well. At least we didn't get spoons and hopefully, the experience will help us remember how to row and perhaps panic less next time around (Julia Frieberger)

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